Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pursuit of the Father

A girl's heart always wants to be pursued. We were created that way. We are made in the image of the Father so somehow He must long to be pursued as well. He knows this desire all too well. That is why He has said seek me and you will find me when you search for me with all your heart (Jer 29:13). God wants to be pursued. However, I also believe He's in the business of pursuing. Love is not about receiving, but about giving. God is love (1 John 4), He is a giver. He's way more intereted in loving us than He is about being loved by us. Praise Him for that because I know we've all felt we've let Him down at one time or another. If we want to be more like Him, we will respond with the true meaning of love and want to give more than receive. But in order for us to love like that, we need to know love. We need to be immersed in His love. And that is what inspires me today. The inspiration of the immersion of His love and His passionate pursuit of us melts my heart so immensely that I'm caught in this drunken state of absolute bliss as a whirlwind of joy floods my soul. I'm loved so much by my creator that He would break the boundaries of dimensional realms, reaching from the spiritual into the natural, and tangibly touch or tangibly speak into my life changing my perspective and emotion and proving His love for me. I'm completely mesmerized and undone when He tangibly acts for me, or when He uses me in acting for someone else.
I want to start sharing these stories of pursuit and love. These will be stories of where God has spoken, touched or encountered me or other people i have seen to show us how real He really is and how real His love is for us. God is not waiting for us to die and come to heaven to be with us. He is waiting for us right now, as we live day to day, to walk in intimate relationship and passionate love with Him. He is always longing for us to listen because He is always wanting to talk to us. The reason God came as a man to earth, died and resurrected was so He could be with us now, manifesting His Kingdom in our lives. Its all about the walk, the journey with Him now....will you listen? will you position yourself to hear Him and then believe? Everything God tells us to do is all for the goal of bringing more love and abundance into our lives.I've given my life to Him and will do absolutely anything He tells me to simply because i know how much He loves me; and is passionately concerned about me,the details of my life and the intricacies of my heart.